And we’re back! Unfortunately, not for too long. Also there are no dinosaurs involved.

I am putting GRG on a temporary hiatus while I get Real Life things in order. Not exactly how I wanted to celebrate the new year AND our two-year anniversary, but it’s for the best. Giving us some time to creatively and financially recharge can only mean a better comic for us to share with all of you.

It shouldn’t be too long. Consider it a mid-season break. If you managed to get through Breaking Bad pulling that on us, you’ll be able to sit through this easy enough. Now’s a great time to spread the word about GRG with friends and potential fans, and/or catch up with the comic yourself! I think a re-read is in order for all of us.

Thank you for reading this. Really. It means so much to me that you are entertaining me and my silly story. The “payoff” is in sight, and the rewards will be plenty. I can’t wait to share them with you.

Stay tuned.