Kelly’s flight for Perth (re: Wai-Con) is tonight and we got a bit of errands to run so I better make this entry brief:

A flashback blast from the past, compliments of Sarah! Also, can we all take a moment to admire Tom’s coloring? Because, damn.

Jumpers need to realize that they’re not using the most sympathetic method of suicide, especially if they’re using a bridge that’s part of a major city street or freeway. One time a local jumper caused about ten miles of stopped traffic one way and about five miles another. At some point, you may not want the poor soul to die, but (s)he might as well jump at this point (and maybe break a leg or two).

Currently listening to: “M4 Pt. 2” by Faunt. Suffice to say, I’ve been getting ready for March 6th, or whenever my pre-order copy comes in. This is about half of the actual song, but the non-band part of the video is pretty rad.