What the hell am I looking at?
You’re looking at a webcomic.

I get that. I mean, what is a “Glam Rock Gorilla?”
Glam Rock Gorilla is a comic idea that I have been brewing about for the better part of a year. After the initial creator of the character and rest of pipe-dream thinktank went off to do their own things, I took the idea and ran with it. It has since become my high-concept baby to keep me creatively occupied while other projects are warming the benches.

Did you just say you have other projects in the works?
Did I?

Okay, smartass, answer this: How are you going to do a comic about music when comics can’t PLAY music?
Like Scott Pilgrim and a slew of other musically-inclined comics, music will be identified by the art and written-out lyrics. Fortunately for you and me, the great band Riff Cannon have been gracious enough to donate the songs from their album Mercury Mountain to the Glam Rock cause, so you won’t have to think too hard about figuring out how the songs go.

Man, these Riff Cannon guys are pretty awesome. But, they’re not that glam. At all. What gives with the comic’s title?
The title stems from a gag in Issue Two of Book One.

Issue Two? Book One?
We have a lot of story to get through, if you’ll have us.