Taking care of business, not exactly working overtime.

Two previously unmentioned mentionables with these opening credits:
1) GRG was originally thought up by one Mr. Chris Mathison for kicks, but he then later let me run with it. Not exactly a Lee & Kirby or Kane & Finger situation, but that’s for the best.
2) GRG’s logo was done by resident Renaissance man Rocom, who is actually playing a show tonight in Costa Mesa, CA! Better head out and take care of my errands before that goes down.

Soundtrack: “Baptized By Fire” by Spinnerette, which is, besides RC’s Mercury Mountain, the key ingredient in GRG’s soundtrack.

Currently listening to: Motorhead. Time to get back on the warpig horse.
You could be currently listening to the latest Harbinger episode! I mean, if you want to. No pressure or anything.